We’re Here to Fix Your Financial Future

Get real estate consulting services and investing advice in Bismarck, ND

If you’re seeking a pathway to financial freedom, Prairie Venture Group, Inc. can provide you with the directions you need to get there. We offer advice and consultation services to help you gain solid financial footing. Our services include:

We offer a variety of classes and cashflow social meetups to help you learn in a setting that’s convenient for you. Call 701-471-9506 today to find out more about our real estate and credit repair services.

From foreclosure to long-term investing

We want to provide you with a financial education that will bring stability to your life, whether you’re interested in real estate investment or attempting to recover from foreclosure. Our classes are geared toward everyone from first-time homebuyers to long-term investors.

We’re prepared to walk you through the process of handling foreclosure in a way that will preserve your credit. Talk to a real estate consultant today to feel more secure about your financial future in Bismarck, ND.

Get a better grasp of your finances

The owner of Prairie Venture Group, Inc. is passionate about real estate investing. It’s been his observation that many people aren’t actively involved with their finances. It’s time you took control of what happens to your money.

Our first consultation session is free and provides you with a baseline of where we think you could be financially down the road. From there, we will arrange monthly meetings to provide you with practical advice on real estate investing or repairing bad credit.

Get the financial advice you need by contacting Prairie Venture Group, Inc. today.