You may have heard this throughout your life no matter if you are a baby boomer or a millenial, but the principals of “go to school” or “get a good job” are actually causing you to go broke! The only way to break away from these outdated “tips” and mindsets are to grow your financial IQ. A great resource I use it Rich Dad Education by the author and educator Robert Kiyosaki. He calls these ideas “sacred cows”.


Myth #1. Go to School

I’m definitely not saying drop out of school and give up learning, but you’ll have to agree that schools don’t teach much on financial education. After college, many of us walked out with a diploma, student loan debt, and credit card debt saying, “What now?” And on to a JOB we go. So in all reality, schools are designed to spit out employees who work to make other people rich. Ironically, there are many famous and successful entrepreneurs who didn’t finish school like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg or Tyra Banks but we all know their names and use their products and services. So the education we are receiving isn’t quite teaching us how to succeed. After school, your report card is your financial statement – how’s that looking at the moment? To truly be educated, you need to add FINANCIAL education to your academic and professional educations. Financial education has its own languages and context but “when you learn the language of money, you can talk to the whole world” – Robert Kiyosaki.