As we’ve all heard, “get a good job” follows the school part of the industrial age advice that is ruining our finances. As we enter into the “employment” status we notice our checks have this major deduction called TAXES. Oddly enough, many employees end up paying more taxes than their employers! Many people get sick of the JOB and switch to self-employed jobs so they can be their own boss. Then they end up paying even more in taxes. If you pay in the 35% tax bracket, you literally work till April to pay the government, then you finally get to pay yourself. Tax laws are in favor of entrepreneurs who create jobs. That’s why the Trump’s of the world can pay less than 10% in taxes. Besides, when you have a JOB, many of us find ourselves “just over broke” as Robert Kiyosaki likes to point out, plus we are at the highest risk of any income position. We have one income coming in so we are dependent on that one company to not fire us or go under themselves. Many people want ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ jobs but FINANCIAL SECURITY is more important than job security.