So you went to school, got the good job, you’re working hard, living below your means because you should be saving money. I will just quote Robert Kiyosaki here, “Savers are losers.” This phrase is in most of his books, including his most famous “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” With interest rates at almost zero (and negative in some countries) at banks, why stick money in them? What Robert is saying here is not a reflection of savers’ social stigma but that if we are putting money into bank accounts, we are literally losing money. After 1971 when the US dollar went off the gold standard, the dollar want from money to a currency. Currencies fail. Got any old pesos or Deutche Marks you’re still using? Doubtful. Now what the dollar represents is in essence debt. If you chart the value of a dollar since 1971 till now, you’ll see it has lost about 95% of its value. So are prices really going up or is our dollar just not worth what is was? Same coin, different sides. I do believe you should always have cash at hand and a nest egg when times are tough but the point is saving money in a bank account is risky.