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Further evidence that the “go to school then get a good job” myth is gone in the Information Age.

Derek Thompson with The Atlantic wrote on July 26th 2017 “the college premium—the extra income one should expect from getting a bachelor’s degree—is higher than it was in the 1990s, but it’s stopped growing this century for young workers.” Amidst his other points he presses that the college debt bubble is not going to “pop” but […]

8 Financial Tips that are Ruining your Finances: Myth #1 Go to School

You may have heard this throughout your life no matter if you are a baby boomer or a millenial, but the principals of “go to school” or “get a good job” are actually causing you to go broke! The only way to break away from these outdated “tips” and mindsets are to grow your financial […]

Myth #2. Get a Job!

As we’ve all heard, “get a good job” follows the school part of the industrial age advice that is ruining our finances. As we enter into the “employment” status we notice our checks have this major deduction called TAXES. Oddly enough, many employees end up paying more taxes than their employers! Many people get sick […]

Myth #3. Work Hard

Go to school, get a good job, and then “work hard!” Typical advice we hear all the time. It’s even a compliment, “Oh that so and so, they are such a hard worker!” That is great especially if they are repairing your roof but the problem employees and self-employed professionals have is the harder we […]

Myth #4. Live Below Your Means

This one always makes me think of my grandparents. They went through the Great Depression and Dust Bowl and were extremely frugal with their money. Whenever I would get paid for working on the farm it would be “don’t spend all that hard earned money,” “you should put some in your savings so you don’t […]

Myth #5. Save Money!

So you went to school, got the good job, you’re working hard, living below your means because you should be saving money. I will just quote Robert Kiyosaki here, “Savers are losers.” This phrase is in most of his books, including his most famous “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” With interest rates at almost zero (and […]

Myth #6. Your House is An Asset

Of any of these myths, Robert Kiyosaki has gotten the most flack from this idea. In 1997’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” he wrote this concept but it didn’t make itself obvious until 2008.Many financial advisers recommend buying a house because it will appreciate meaning you will make money and you can write off the interest. […]

Myth #7. Get Out of Debt

Now you’ve done everything that you thought should, school – check, safe and secure job – check, house – check, saving – sorta check, retirement plan – check; then the next thing you hear is “you should get out of debt!” Well those credit cards are pretty maxed out, and it sure would be nice […]

Myth #8. Invest for the Long Term and Diversify

Diversify” “Diversify” “Invest for the long term” “In the long run you win if you hold” Said most every stock and investment broker ever. But, if keeping your money invested made me more money, I’d probably have the same advice. That is till I started growing my financial IQ and realized what is actually occurring. […]