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Who Offers Real Estate Solutions in Bismarck, ND?

Prairie Venture Group, Inc. is here for first-time homebuyers and investors

At Prairie Venture Group, Inc. our goal is to prevent your foreclosure and provide win-win solutions to protect your credit and help you rebuild quickly. Our advice on real estate covers all the bases, from first-time homebuying to investing and building equity. We offer a variety of solutions for the following issues:

  • Foreclosures: We specialize in helping you figure out your options before your home is foreclosed
  • Unwanted House: Have you ended up with a house you didn't want? We can provide solutions to quickly end your headache
  • Sick of being a landlord: Do you have a second home or multiple units and are sick of the calls and frustration it causes? Call to find our solutions
  • Want to sell but don't have enough equity: Selling a house can be expensive, especially after paying all the fees, closings, and commissions. Call to find out ways we can help you sell with less cost to you.

  • House needs a lot of work: Do you know of a house in dire need of repair? Call to find out how we can help

  • Need to sell your house fast: We can offer quick cash and fast closing and save you months!

  • Want to build equity: With a customized analysis, we can show you ways to improve your home to maximize equity

  • Want to invest in Real Estate: Call for a free consultation or check (future blog) to see what benefits real estate investing can provide for you and your portfolio.

  • House not selling: Whether your listing has expired or even if it's still listed, call to find out some creative solutions to stop losing money on an empty house and sell it at top dollar.

  • You found the perfect house but can't qualify for it yet: If you have been told it will take another year or two before you can buy a house, give us a call and learn how we can help you.

  • Have cash but no credit: Learn how you can still get the house you want.

We want you to learn about the pros and cons of real estate investing to help you find your best options. We can also provide you with a guide to repairing and remodeling your home as a way of building your equity.

Call 701-471-9506 today to learn more about our real estate consulting services in Bismarck, ND.

Regain solid financial footing after a foreclosure

When you’re in the process of a home foreclosure, Prairie Venture Group, Inc. can help you find win-win solutions to protect your credit and preserve your dignity. There are numerous options available during the foreclosure process and we’ll help you find the right one for you. For example, we’ll find out if you can stop the foreclosure, restructure your payments or obtain an extension.

Get the real estate advice you need by contacting us today.